Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Day one

Today was my first weight in day and my first measurement day... needless to say it grossed me out...  Im more than I thought I was in KG wise and over 400 cm in total measurements.  They say that weight loss should be between 50gm – 1kg per week so Im going to do my usual thing and set myself of the higher goal of the 1kg per week (minimum)  Really would love more but will be stocked with 12kg.  Not sure how this will equate to CM but Ill be happy with whatever this works out to.  Also I have a few pairs of pants and jeans that I would like to fit into.
Ive done some more research on the fitness side and Id really love to be able to say that I can run 5km nonstop.  Although it seems so very unachievable at the moment the program that I have it seems that it can be achieved in about 9 weeks.  Id also like to be able to do this out on the road as I know that this is alot harder than on the treadmill. 
I was having niggling trouble with my back today, however this time I decided that I was not using it as an excuse I was still going to still going to work out, I was just going to listen to my body and work out for longer just not as intensively.  I was doing a jog and was feeling GREAT so I amped it up and thought I would do a 30 second sprint.....   going well until my treadmill decided that it was going to turn its self off in the middle of my sprint, it didn’t slow down slowly it came to a DEAD STOP and flung me off the back.   SO now my niggling back pain is excruciating and Im not happy.  However Im not going to use this as an excuse.  Tomorrow I will see how my back is but Im going to keep my diet on track and just increase the exercise I can do...  I will also be getting my brand new treadmill fix or even replaced, ASAP so that I can get back on track.  I purchased new weight tomorrow so I may just have to do weights until I can do impact stuff.... Although I will have to modify the weights to.... I will be doing something though... J 
Well day one is complete and although I’ve hit a bit of a hurdle Im still feeling positive.

Date of completion is 31 July 2011. 

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