Monday, 16 May 2011

One week down

Well it is the start of the second week and I have found out a few more things about myself..

If Im not exercising my diet suffers, Monday last week I was all geared up mentally and equipment wise, had the treadmill all ready for my initial run, so that I could work out my limits and then design a program to push them further... 

I was doing a bit of interval training (walk 6km/hr - jog 10km/hr walk,,, etc etc..)  when the treadmill decided that it would stop suddenly, now I have quite a bad back and I fell and hurt it very badly.  So as a result of a sore back (very) and a non working treadmill my week of working out was reduced.  Wednesday the treadmill was fixed so I kitted up again and hopped on the tready to do a LONG WALK and 2 minutes it it stopped again. 

I was told and I knew in my heart that if I kept my diet strong that my weight would not suffer.  My diet stayed very strong untill Friday and then I fell in a hole, which is pretty common and is the pattern I fall into.  Now if Im working out I can usually combat the bad but this challenge is not about just combatting it its about overcoming the need on the weekend to fill my face with as much food as I can. 

As Michelle Bridges has said, and I have been reminded by Vivid Health and fitness that "you butt doesnt know what day it is"  Ive been trying to determine why I do it, part of it was that I was not home and not prepared and part of it is that I live with Sabotages, a husband that has a real weakness for chocolate biscuits.  Another part of this is that I was not home on the weekend and I was travelling in the car alot.  I know as I am typing this it is all excuses....  Too hard to be prepared........  Tis their fault not mine.  I can remember a few times over the weekend saying NO THANKS I DONT WANT ONE....  and I felt strong... 

I just need to be prepared, I had the salad and the carrots and stuff in the fridge but I forgot to grab them. 

NO EXCUSE but next weekend when I go away I will be prepared and I will be stronger.

TODAY I WORKED OUT HARD...  I was set a challenge today to do 15 minutes more than I would have so instead of doing a 45 minute cycle class I did a 60 minute workout on my tready  and thanks to the challenge burnt an additional 45 calories than I would have in just 45 minutes.... SOOOO HAPPY

My work out today was 1 minute walk (6km/hour) 1 minute run (10km/hr) 1 minute walk 1 minute run and I did that for 50 minutes then walked at an incline of 10 for the last 10 minutes... then I joined the new craze and planked for 2 minutes....  

My diet was Rock solid today so I am feeling very strong for the rest of the week... I just need tokeep the tready working... :)  and to start my weight work outs.... 



Bring on week two..
Have a nice week... 

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  1. Em, so good that you recognise why you are doing what you are doing. My fav part was reading that the times you did say"no" you felt strong. Hang onto that feeling, it is VERY empowering to be the one in control :) xxxx