Monday, 23 May 2011

Two Weeks Down

In two weeks I have
  • TRIPLED the length of time I can run for
  • Lost 3 kg
  • Gone down a jean size..:) 
I can not begin to describe how driven, strong and motivated I have felt this week and it all boils down to the fact that I have been able to exercise every day and that I have been reading some very motivating and informative books. 

I have been a big believer in lose it slowly and you are more likely to keep it off but Ive been reading Michelle Bridges Crunch time and as she states you are also more likely to give up cause you are not seeing results (yep that was me)  and that unless you get your head right you wont keep it off no matter how you lost it.  Im re reading Crunch Time and I love Michelles no nonsense approach and no shit attitude.... ""I trained one girl who didnt think she was a sweater, and guess what?  She didnt think she was a puker either!"   

I love her myth busting section alot that I believed and followed but OMG I was so fooling myself. Its amazing how we can come up with all sorts of "excuses" without even realising that they are excuse as we label them "facts" 

I spoke to a lady on the weekend who had just completed the HBF Run for A reason and we were talking about mind set.  She was saying how she runs in a Hilly area and how when she started that she would get to the bottom of a hill and stop automatically because she had convinced herself that she couldnt do it.  I said fitness / weight loss is all about the mind set but really life is all about your mind set.  This was brought home to me when I was talking to my aunty about my "journey" and I told her I was not looking forward to the weekend because I always overeat and drink to much...  she said you are talking your self into failing ... or words to that effect... she was right I was already giving myself an out and "permission" because I always do it.  Well this weekend I didnt I stayed on track, introduced a "treat meal" calorie counted and exercised and even had a "rest day"  and still managed to lose about 1kg over the weekend.

All in all a very successful week and one that has left me going into week three feeling STRONG and DETERMINED.. 

10 Weeks to go.... 

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