Friday, 6 May 2011

Starting the process

There seems lately to be so much interest in 12 week challenges and I have been seeing it again and again and again.  I believe that you start to notice things when you are thinking (conciously or unconciously) about them.  So today I made the concious decision to do a 12 week challenge.  12 weeks seems such a short time and yet enough time to achieve some great results.. 

I thought about doing the Michelle Bridges (Biggest Loser) 12 week challenge but with a gym membership and the cost of a new treadmill I thought another cost of over $200 was a little much. I am also blessed with some VERY amazing friends who know stuff that I can go to for support and encouragement. 

So here I am three days from the beginning (decided to start Monday)  trying a new way of thinking.  I know that the biggest hurdle that we face is ourself, and that sometimes acknowleding the obsticales that we place in our own way are not insermountable if we know what they are and we are prepared for them 

I have decided that over the next three days I am going to analysis my failed attempts (there have been a few) and my successfull ones (lost 8kg to date but stalled) and see if I can determine why??? 

Looking forward to it.

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  1. I have every faith in you darling xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx