Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Nine weeks to go.

BAD WEEK was week 3... 
But on another note dusted myself off and got back into it today (thanks to my son) and scored some PB's....  So tonight again im feeling unbeatable...

Week 3...  well I was on track and doing really well Monday and Tuesday and I felt like the weight was dropping off.  Nutritionally I was on top of everything, and exercise I had burnt over 3000 calories in the two days.  So on Wednesday I jumped on the scales on to show myself just what was possible in three days and give myself a  pat on the back . URGHHH  it totally did the opposite.  I had gained 1kg and so began the downwood spiral that was the rest of the week which lead to Red Rooster chips, and not writing down my foods.  I would like to say that I didnt go over my calorie intake limit but Im sure I did.  By Friday I was TOTALLY DISGUSTED in what I had done so I jumped back on the treadmill and spent the next two hours there which was followed my an hour weight session...  Friday ended with me back in total control.  Saturday and Sunday I was midly good but as I was away I wasnt able to weigh and measure all my food however I made great food choices, with small meals and no snacks and increased the incidental exercise. 

The week ended with loosing only a small amount but it was a lose and not a gain so I was happy. 

Starting Week 4...

Ive got concerns facing this week and the coming weeks.  This week we are off on a bit of a holiday and I know that it will reduce the hard sweating work out I can do (no showers) and that the likelyhood of consuming booze is going to increase.....  in fact it is probably more likely a certainty.  Im feeling strong but I dont think I am that strong, camping goes hand in hand with drinking to me.... So what I am going to concentrate on is

1. ensureing my nurtition is SPOT ON and I will not consume the "rubbish". 
2. If we have access to a shower I will FLOGG myself before I have a shower.... :) 
3. Before we leave I will burn MAXIMUM calories. 
4. I will be happy with keeping my weight steady. 

My concerns the following weeks are that we are having a few farewell parties for Andrew and this again involves socialising.  These I am not so concerned about as it is one night in the week and I can not drink at those and since I will providing the snacks I will ensure that there is food there that I can have. 

I have to remember that the stronger I am the stronger I feel.... .


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