Sunday, 8 May 2011

Excuses / Weaknesses / Strengths

I have found the following
I really only have a couple but since I cant loose the weight they must be weighing on me... LOL the only funny bit I have and it wasnt that funny...  :/ 
  • I dont have time
  • Im not strong enough (mentally)
  • I want to be able to relax and socialise (this means nibbling and drinking) 
Weakness -
CHIPS...  I have a real chip weakness.  Hot chips I have found are no longer a problem.... The oven baked ones are not too bad and do the job in containing this craving.... its the crips variety that are my problem...  Analysis... its normally associated with boredom / work problem or drinking and socialising (a Friday afternoon at work / evening) and I like that "hand mouth hand mouth hand mouth action"  Solution- replace the chips with popcorn....  not as tasty but its the action not the taste Im seeking... 

CRUNCH... I love crunchy food and I usually use CHIPS or BBQ shapes to contain this craving...  if its not the hand mouth action its th crunch feeling that I crave....  Analysis - I only crave the Crunch when Im bored.... Solution- either pop corn or Celery and carrots..  I actually love carrots, celery, snow peas and cabbage so the crunch in the function will satisfy this crunch craving... 

DRINKING....  I really love a glass of red at night and on the weekend I love a couple of glasses... No matter how you talk about your need / want to drink it makes you sound like an alcoholic and Im not so Im actually not going to talk about it...  LOL But I know that again its a "boredom" thing and a "Im an annoyed thing"....  Solution, there are other probably way more effective ways to eliminate the feeling of GRR I get and for me that is exercise...

Total Analysis..
I seek solice in food / drinking when I am bored / annoyed....  and when it comes to food I look for foods that have a high hand to mouth repative action and I also love foods that are crunchy hence chips and BBQ shapes because they are easy to find and they have that high hand to mouth repative action. 

Since boredom seems to be my biggest problem the easy solution would be to "not get bored"  but we all know that you can be busy working and still be bored.  The packet things like chips and Shapes are an easy fix and I have often found myself leaving work to get that fix...  I have also realised on writing this that when I am at work and working on a problem I go straight to the fridge at work and if there is nothing there I will actively go looking for something, hence a trip to the shop (often expensive cause I get more than would have satisfied me).

Be prepared for that crunch / hand to mouth craving. I know as I write it that it has been said a million times but I believe that this is the key to it for me. If I can eliminate the chips and the wine from my diet I would have eliminated my two biggest weight gaining problems. 



My two biggest strengths are
  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE exercising
  2. I am a control freak. 
You would think that my love of exercising would eliminate any weight problems I have but my love of the wrong foods means that my calories in are larger than my calories out.   Also I have a job where I am pretty much stationary for about 7 hours of the day....  VERY STATIONARY.... 

I am a control freak and if things are out of my control I will freak out... hence eat and drink eg problem I cant solve at work I will eat.... in a social situation I cant handle Ill drink... 
Wow that is quite an admission but one that will go a long way to unlocking the "mystery" to me losing weight. 

I also know that if I have a strict plan I will stick to it.  In the past I have lost alot of weight on programs such as Jenny Craig and Weight watchers, because you follow a "strict" program.  The stricter the program the more I flourish. 

I have recently lost 8kg on my own but I have become a little stationary with a change in lifestyle.  While I was undergoing a bit of a lifestyle change I let the control I had on my eating go so that I could "control" other parts of my life....  Im pleased to say that although my weight has not increased (much) I am starting to get that out of control feeling again in regards to my eating...  needless to say I need to get back to writing down EVERYTHING and working out everything that is going in (Calories Wise) . 

  1. I will reinstate my eating diary  -Every thing that goes in my mouth "including my coffee" will be written down and I will work out the calories that is in each meal and keep a running tally of calories for the day. 
  2. I will make sure that every day I have "crunch" foods easily available. The crunch foods will contain...  celery, carrots, snow peas, cabbage, and air popped pop corn...  All will be in pre packaged containers of a certain amount of calories.  This prepackaging them will ensure that I dont "overeat" 
  3. Boredom at home will result in a work out...  I am lucky enough to have a home gym, boxing bag, skipping rope, steps and a treadmill.  In the past I have found that if I am feeling a bit "cant be bothered" the 5 minute rule works for me and often results in more than 5 minutes.... 5 minute rule is "Ill get ready for exercise and do just 5 minutes"  I can also use this time to burn my calories out for the day (step 5)
  4. Setting calories burnt goals.  MY mantra will be Calories in less than calories out...  I can control the calories in to keep it to a limit, so I need to set a daily Calories out minimum limit.  This is going to change daily so that I can go hard a couple of days and "ease" off a couple of others.  Michelle Bridges (Biggest Loser) has a SSS day in which from what I have read is a day (usually Saturday)  that you Super size your calories burnt.  As I have a changing roster of availability to do this I will ensure that at least once a week I burn over 1000 calories...  (usually two high intensity classes back to back - Spin and Cycle usually burns me between 1100 - 1600).  Further research needs to be done on this tonight... 
GOALS in 12 Weeks
Of course there is the obvious goal of weight loss and more importantly cm's loss and I do have a pair of jeans (actually about 6 pairs) that I want / need to get into... but I also have a few fitness goals that I was to set myself. 
  • Weight loss....  Ideally I would like to loss 12kg but I know that I will probably loos CM and if Im doing weights then my weight may increase....  But 1 KG a week is a pretty big step but I have to set big goals.... :)  Im being optimistic....  Ill be happy with 10kg
  • Fitness...  Currently I can run at 10km/hr at an incline of 1 (that is a comfortable speed for me) for about 2 minutes( this really hurts to admit  NOT HAPPY WITH IT) ...  Im not sure if I should be setting a distance or a time limit...  More research needed...  :) 
I know that I need to do some further research and that I am going to hit obstacles, but I know that I can do this and that with the correct ground work... mostly done...  I am going to reach the goals that I have set. 



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